Why Hire a Professional Pet Sitter?















Professional pet sitting serves as an excellent alternative to boarding.

I come to your home so your pet stays in their familiar surroundings.

Pets are happier and experience less stress remaining at home. 

Exposure to illness is minimized and travel trauma is eliminated. 

In-home professional pet sitter care provides pet parents peace of mind.   


I will follow your pet care routine as closely as possible.

This includes feeding, fresh water, answering nature's call,

clean-up of litter boxes, administering needed medication including

insulin injections and sub-q fluid therapy, exercising and playing, and

providing your pets the attention and affection they deserve. 


Daily updates on your pet's activities during my visit will be provided.

Per your request, I either will leave a note, telephone, text, instant

message, e-mail or Skype. If you do not wish these updates, I will only

call you in case of a pet emergency.


Away on vacation or on a business trip?  I will be happy to bring in

the mail/newspaper, open/close shades and blinds, turn on/off lights,

water plants, take out trash - activities that say someone is at home.

Company vehicles are unmarked. No one need know you are away. 


Pet sitting and dog walking is what I do full time for a living.

My company, Furry Friends Pet Sitting, LLC is what is known as

a single sitter company. I do not farm out pet sitting assignments to a

pet care team of independent contractors. I chose to be in this

profession because I want to take care of animals. I am the pet care

provider whom you and your pets will meet and who will be providing

the pet sitter care for your furry, feathered and finned family members.

I treat your pets with the same loving care and concern as if I were

caring for my own animals with whom I have been blessed to be a

pet parent to for over twenty-five years.


As a professional pet sitter, I am a member of Pet Sitters International.

I carry full coverage pet sitter liability insurance and bond through PSI.

This is the most comprehensive type of insurance available and is

designed specifically for the pet sitting industry. Your pets and

personal property under my care, custody and control are covered.

A bond is a polite word for a theft policy. Finally, I am certified in pet

first aid through the American Red Cross. It is important that all

clients have complete peace of mind in entrusting me with the safety

and welfare of their pets and home.


For new clients, seven days notice is recommended for booking services.

An initial “meet and greet” visit is required before accepting a new

assignment. There is no charge for this initial visit. The purpose of the

"meet and greet" is to get to know you and your pets, answer your

questions, review the services you require, and complete a service

contract and forms. All future reservations may be made by phone, text

or email.


For the initial “meet and greet” visit, please have ready the following


Personal contact information

Pet’s name and description

Emergency contact information

Veterinarian contact information

Medications for your pet

Feeding, potty and exercise routine

Favorite toys

Favorite hiding locations

Keys/security codes for access to home


 Call Furry Friends Pet Sitting at:

 (865) 637-4367

(865) 748-6761 mobile


send e-mail to:  laura@furryfriendspetsitting.biz

 Animated gif of sleeping kitten in food bowl “One can measure the greatness and moral progress of

 a nation by looking at how it treats its animals.”   - Mahatma Gandhi