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For the Pets:

Meals and/or Treats

Fresh Drinking Water

Washing Food and Water Bowls

Administering Medications

Walks and/or Play Time

Brushing/Combing Coats

Physical Therapy Exercises

Cleaning Litter Boxes

Changing Litter Boxes

Weekly Yard Scooping

Pet Transportation

Love, Attention and Affection


Dog wagging its tail  Visits for Dogs:

If you choose a visit that allows time for exercise,

your dog may enjoy:

Backyard playtime or a walk around your neighborhood,


Physical Therapy - for dogs recovering from hip or knee

surgery and requiring veterinarian prescribed exercises

and/or rehabilitative walks, or


Field Trips - park excursions which include transport

to/from the park.  There is an extra charge for this service,

and prices vary.  Please call me to discuss this option and


Cat grooming itselfVisits for Cats:

If you choose a visit that allows time for exercise,

your cat may enjoy playtime that encourages their

natural prey instincts.


Picture of Craftsman HouseFor the Home:

Mail and newspaper collection

Turning on/off lights

Opening/closing blinds, shades

Watering plants

Watering gardens

Filling bird feeders

Putting out trash cans

Concierge Services


For the Owners:

Daily pet updates by note, phone, text, instant message or e-mail

Peace of mind your pets are receiving quality professional pet care

Happy, contented pets when you return home!


Call Furry Friends Pet Sitting at:

 (865) 637-4367

(865) 748-6761 mobile


send e-mail to:

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