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Laura Perry has pet sat my five dogs many times over the years. She loves animals and takes as well care of my dogs as her own pets. Laura is the only person other than myself with whom I have entrusted the care of my dogs. 

Sharon and Paul, Parkridge

Hallie, Hannah, Wayne and I would like to sincerely thank you for the wonderful care you provided. As your website reads "there's no place like home" and I am so glad to know that my "girls" will receive such great love and care when we go on extended vacations.  Thank you for your daily notes. I can definitely tell that the girls trust you and you have become friends. They both wanted me to tell you that you are welcome to stop by anytime for belly rubs.

Beth, Fountain City

Laura immediately connected with our very shy and apprehensive dog, Jodie, who we felt could not tolerate a kennel. From all reports - neighbors and my husband who returned early from our trip, but needed Laura to continue caring for Jodie, she was terrific.  Jodie needed drops twice a day and diet food - no problem with either. We've used her services several times and we'll definitely use Laura again and highly recommend her.

Ellie, North Hills

Laura,  thank you so much for taking care of the dogs. They were in wonderful shape when I got back last night. I feel that a lot of sitters would have fed and cared for them, but you went the extra mile. I know Wenkie can be difficult and the fact that you went to the trouble of making her feel comfortable means a lot. The emails and text messages were comforting also. It was so nice of you to take the time to send them. I know we will be using you again.

Sharon, North Knoxville


Client Reviews from Google: 

I want to thank my clients who have taken their time to write a review of my pet sitting and dog walking services on Google. Your support is most appreciated.

Google algorithm changes have caused a large number of client reviews to disappear, especially older reviews. Some of these deleted  reviews can be read below. As a pet sitter and dog walker for Knoxville pet parents for the last ten years, I am proud to say Furry Friends Pet Sitting continues to receive positive reviews.

- Laura Perry

Bettina  - July 9, 2013

Furry Friends Pet Sitting After reading all the very positive reviews posted by others, we can say that we completely agree with all said. Laura is efficient and attentive, flexible and adaptable, loving and caring. We are so thankful that we found her! Anyone who has to make the decision about who will take care of their beloved pets, can do no better than using Furry Friends. She not only provides outstanding and loving care for the animals in her charge, she also gives peace of mind to their pet parents.

Kim - Oct 13, 2010

Laura @ Furry Friends Pet Sitting Laura does a great job! I recently had a family member in the hospital out of town and used Laura several days out of every week for 4 months. Laura was extremely easy and professional to work with. I had always been hesitant to leave my cat in the care of anybody that I didn't know well. ( She is 18 years old, doesn't see or hear well and sometimes bites!) Laura took the time and patience to become her friend. I felt she had the BEST care with Laura. I will be calling on Laura again.

Lisa - Mar 15, 2010

Furry Friends!!! Not so very long ago, Laura and my family found ourselves in the same boat. Our pet-sitter was relocating out of the area. While our clan twiddled our fingers pondering upon what to do, Laura decided to take a more proactive route. In no time at all, Laura started up Furry Friends Pet Sitting. Suddenly, our worries went out the window. Laura modeled her business just like the one we had used previously. From the start, she took a deep interest in all our pets (now up to three whippets and two cats). She follows all our instructions, which are many since three of the five pets are older and a bit tricky at times. We always get a detailed account of the visit in general, the feeding success, the medication success, the playtime, the moods of everyone. You just can't go wrong with Laura. In fact, just today we had a card for us in the mailbox congratulating us and welcoming our newest whippet puppy into the fold. Thanks, Laura ... you rock!

Neena - Mar 5, 2010

Excellent care for my handicapped cat. Laura with Furry Friends is the best pet sitter I have ever had (and I have had quite a few in the past). She is always on time, very professional, and trustworthy. I have a handicapped cat, Isabelle, that had suffered brain injury in the past. Laura takes excellent care of her. Isabelle needs to be hand-fed and Laura makes sure that Isabelle gets her food, water, and meds. Laura is compassionate, patient, and loving with Isabelle. I have to travel for work and used to worry about Isabelle when on travel. Now that we have Laura, I no longer worry. Laura is also very good about calling me and giving me reports on Isabelle so that I would not worry. I highly recommends Furry Friends Pet Sitting.


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