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As owner of Furry Friends Pet Sitting, I care for your pets as I care for my own animals.

Meet my furry family members that I am blessed with to be and to have been, part of my life.

~Laura Perry


Photo of my cat Chester

Chester.  My first male of the pride, Chester is a lover not a fighter.

Photo of my dog Honey Hound

Honey Hound.  I found her abandoned in my neighborhood.

A hunting dog, Honey Hound had to be trained not to chase down her new siblings.

Honey is the official taste tester of my all natural, Dawg-gone Good Biscuits.

Honey Hound was diagnosed with liver cancer in 2009. Her battle ended June, 2010.

Photo of my Maine Coon mix cat, Petunia Blossom.

Petunia Blossom.  This pretty kitten was rescued from the middle of a busy

street.  Tuna now enjoys the outdoors from the safety of her own backyard.

Photo of my two colored eyed, white cat, Taz

Taz - short for Tasmanian Devil.  This little guy kept climbing into my backyard.

Like David Bowie, Taz has heterochromia.

Photo of my twin cats, Peaches and Boo Bear

Peaches and Boo Bear - I always wanted twins!

These brothers also were orphaned newborns.

They are quite the comedy duo, affectionately aka the "Mischief Monkeys".

Photo of my first cat, a tuxedo named Miss Kitty

In loving memory of Miss Kitty 1991-2009.

My first pet, I adopted her from the animal shelter.

Miss Kitty is the first cat I leash trained to go on walks.

Photo of my cat, Precious.

In loving memory of Precious 1991-2009.

Adopted six months later, she had been surrendered after being

run over.  Precious recovered to become my constant lap cat.

Photo of my calico cat, Tweety Cat

In loving memory of Tweety Cat 1993-2005.

Orphaned at 2-3 days old, my first newborn.  Everything a momma cat does - I did!

Photo of my rotty, Lucy

In loving memory of Lucy 1995-2007.

Lucy loved people and changed many minds about Rotweilers.

After knee replacement surgery and rehab in 2000, Lucy

resumed her soccer career.

Photo of my cat, Sam I Am

In loving memory of Sam I Am 1995-2006.

He hitched a ride from a visitor and stayed.

Sam gave the best kitty shiatsu massage on an aching back.

Photo of my dog, sweet Angel

In loving memory of Angel 1998-2004.

I found this sweetest of creatures on my porch.

She was a special delivery.

Photo of my bengel mix cat, Julia Child Sugarbaker

Meet Julia Child Sugarbaker.

She had been abandoned in a neighborhood where

I was pet sitting. She is a sassy southern belle with

a feline taste that goes gourmet.

Photo of my dog, Princess

My newest canine furry family member, Princess.

An older dog who has been in and out of shelters with four previous owners,

Princess finally has found her "furever" home with me.

Photo of my Siamese mix cat, Sienna

My newest feline furry family member, Sienna.

A sweet kitten Siamese mix with two extra digits per paw,

Sienna is the baby of my furry family.


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