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Furry Friends Pet Sitting fees are based on the amount of time spent caring for your pets. We do not charge additional fees based on the number of or type of pets you have, nor do we charge additionally for meds administration.

Rates listed are per visit.      

Meet and Greet Initial Consultation                       No Charge

Basic Pet Visit:  20 minutes                                     $22.00

Medium Visit:  40 minutes                                       $27.00

Long Visit:  60 minutes                                            $32.00

Depending on travel distance, an additional trip/mileage charge may apply.

This is determined prior to scheduling the meet and greet visit.

An additional $5.00 charge per pet visit will be added for pet sitting visits

occurring on the following holidays:

New Year's Eve

New Year's Day


July 4th


Christmas Eve



Dog Field Trips:  These are customized excursions for your

dog; the rate will be based on each individual trip.  I am only

able to take one dog on field trips. 

Other Services:

Weekly Yard Scooping:                                              $35.00

Changing/Sanitizing Litter Box:                                   $10.00

Each Additional Litter Box:                                           $5.00

Pet Transportation: Please call me to discuss this option

and pricing.

House Sitting Services Only: 

Basic Visit:  20 minutes                                             $22.00

Medium Visit:  40 minutes                                          $27.00

Long Visit:  60 minutes                                              $32.00

Key Return and/or Pick-up Fee (per trip)                $15.00

READY KEY PROGRAM:    The owner allows me to retain a house

key on file so I do not have to pick it up and drop it off each time.  This

is helpful for regular service clients and emergency pet visits.  It saves

the client pick-up/return fees.

A 50% Deposit is required to hold all reservations.  Payment must be

made in full at commencement of services, unless prior arrangement

has been made with Furry Friends Pet Sitting.

Cancellation Policy:  If you cancel your pet’s visits more than

three days prior to the scheduled reservation, your deposit will be

 returned.  If you cancel 72 hours or less before the scheduled visit,

your deposit will be applied towards future pet sitting services.

To ensure the best possible care be provided to your pets, Furry Friends

Pet Sitting limits the number of pet sitting and dog walking assignments

we accept for each day. If you choose to return early from a trip,

no refunds will be issued and no payment received for "unused"

days will be applied towards future services.  


Call Furry Friends Pet Sitting at:

 (865) 637-4367

(865) 748-6761 mobile


e-mail to:  laura@furryfriendspetsitting.biz

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